Boernsen Bees

Honey, Beeswax and more!


    Welcome!  Come on in and take a look around.  Honey bees are very crucial to our food supply.  30% of our food requires pollination and 80% of that needs HONEY BEES!!  Let's work together to take care of the environment so they can thrive.  

Spring is right around the corner!   Soon the dandelions will be in full bloom.  They are the first flowers for our darling bees. Please let them bloom.  With the pollen from some trees and the nectar from dandelions the colony gets it's first nutrition to raise new bees for this summer's honey production.  It takes 12 bees their whole life to make 1 teaspoon of honey.   That's right each bee makes 1/12 of a teaspoon of honey in their life.  

Make 2018 the year you plant some bee friendly flowers then drizzle some delicious Boernsen Bees HONEY on a fresh biscuit or muffin and enjoy the day!!

HONEY you will....